Who are we?

Magic & Tools

We are a European brand that can repair hail dents without having to varnish them with more than 10 years of experience in Europe, North and South America and Turkey.

In these regions we have repaired countless coachworks and earned acknowledgments far beyond positive.

Our team consists of qualified professionals whose high-quality technique is making a strong difference in repairing dents.

We can move to any place in the world and offer a special logistic that is designed to match the service needs of any business or individual. Within 48 hours our team is capable of putting together an operation plan, to fix any type of indentation damage.

We offer fast and efficient quality solutions and a guarantee of our applied work.

We have two branches in Spain, of which one is located in Granollers, Barcelona and one in Palma de Mallorca.

In Palma we are the market leader because we work with the best car dealer, companies and shops of the island.


Our Clients on Mallorca

Auto Vidal Mercedes Benz Group, Nissan Nigorra Baleares, Volvo y Seat Amcars, Porsche Baleares, Volkswagen Awauto, Skoda Mistalia, Land Rover Quality Center, Fiat Vidal, Peugeot Automóviles Coll, Kia Frau Automóviles, Renault Rosselló, Toyota Medimotors Mallorca, OK Rent a Car, Xapisa, Multichapa… and many more.


Our Clients in Barcelona

Automobiles Bertran Group, Opel, Hyundai, Honda, Skoda, M.B Motors Mercedes Benz. Volkswagen Audi Grupo Sarsa, Land Rover Macoa, Audi Vic Sarsa, Chevrolet Mava Motor, Peugeot Lliça de Vall Caravajal.


Our Clients in Basque Country

Fiat Tolosa, Citroen Irovisa, Autowag Volkswagen.