How does it work?

Repair Techniques

One could think, that this is a new profession, but there are documents and information from the year 1960, which refer to an international exhibition in New York where an employee of Mercedes Benz named Oskar Flaig removed dents inside out with hammer, round iron bars and light reflection, and gentle pressure from below, so that these dents gradually disappeared.

Over the years the technology was perfected and exported around the world, and thus created companies with professional technicians in their outlets who can repair numerous indentation damages in automobiles and who can move throughout the world to carry out this ecological car restoration without the need of any chemical additive.

Magic & Tools’ Managing Director, Roman Cordoba, an engineer with long-standing experience, developed his knowledge in Italy alongside the masters in P.D.R. technology

In his career he went through the largest companies of the industry, acquiring professionalism and expertise as well as generating his own unique improved product.

Our mission is to achieve a complete customer satisfaction. Therefor we incorporate an organized working method, where both quality and final product, meet the needs of the most demanding markets of the world.