Hail-damage repair and car body repair in Barcelona and Mallorca


Orderly method of working


Optimal final quality


Service to large companies


100% Ecological

Magic&Tools’ experience

The director of Magic & Tools, Román Cordoba, a technician with many years of experience, was trained in Italy with masters in the P.D.R. technique.

He has worked with the largest companies in the sector, acquiring professionalism
and experience to achieve his own unique and improved product.rado.

60 years of perfecting the dent repair technique.

Although it is thought to be a new trade, there is information and documentation that states that during 1960 at an international fair in New York City, USA, a Mercedes Benz worker named Oskar Flaig started working on a simple but revolutionary technique.

He used a hammer, some rods and a light that allowed him, through the reflection, to remove dents by exerting pressure from below and gently massaging the cover, making the dent disappear little by little. Over the years the technique was perfected and exported all over the world.

Nowadays there are companies that include in their staff professional technicians in the repair of hail-damaged cars and travel all over the world performing this type of repair. It should be noted that this technique is 100% ecological, as no chemicals are used.

Short information on PDR:

What is the PDR?

PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) is called the process through which small dents, bulges, deformations and hail damage are removed without any bodywork or paint operations. PDR is the fastest, most environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for removing dents and hail damage. Our special PDR dent removal technique is approved by insurance companies and experts. The limit of the severity of the damage that can be repaired with this procedure depends largely on the level of training and experience of the PDR-technician, who performs the work. Magic &Tools’ technicians are among the most trained and experienced in the world.

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